Environmentally-aware and healthy nutrition


Since its foundation in 1995, our company, Alpenfrucht, has been working according to ecological principles. Since last year, it has also been producing select products in 100% compliance with biodynamic regulations. The integrity and naturalness of our products are the cornerstone of our company.

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As our company has developed, the variety of our products we offer has grown, too. Besides natural juice concentrates, we also offer different kinds of purees. Our seven new flavors are excellent for baby food. Because children should grow up with an appreciation of nature and in the best of health, we trust in organic ingredients to keep the level of contaminants for the babies as low as possible.
Just recently, we also began the production of natural juices with three different flavors. These juices consist exclusively of natural, organic fruits. If you want to do something for your physical health, our natural juices are certainly the right place to start. Our natural juice concentrate is likewise now available in two new flavors. In order to ensure that the juice or marmalade is not only good-tasting, but also healthy, we place a lot of importance on vitamins and trace elements for health and more energy for day-to-day living.
The use of selected fruits and special fruit compositions from controlled ecological cultivation gives our Alpenfrucht products their incomparable characteristics.

• Kiwi: puree, Natural juice concentrate
• Appel: puree, Unfiltered natural juice
• Pear: puree, Unfiltered natural juice
• Plum: puree
• Apricot: puree
• Peach: puree, Unfiltered natural juice
• Strawberry: puree, Natural juice concentrate

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