Regionality and Innovation at Alpenfrucht


For many years now, Alpenfrucht GmbH has enjoyed a solid reputation in the area of fruit processing in Italy. This family-operated company has factories in the northwest and south of Italy, and benefits from the many decades of experience of its founder, Rudolf Bertolini. He recognized at an early stage that it isn’t enough to maintain existing standards, but rather that one must constantly strive for improvement through modernization and innovation and be open to new market trends. He has also attached great importance to long-term, good cooperation with suppliers and qualified workers.

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Profits are invested back into the company, to ensure that production facilities are always on the cutting edge of technology. That’s why the factory in Giugliano (Naples) was thoroughly modernized. Market trends and changing customer requirements have inspired us to install a new production line for the processing of pomegranates. In this facility, too, the latest technology will ensure continued high product quality. Additionally, boosting the factory’s capacity has made it possible to enhance the regionality of the fruits we process. Because this facility is located in the heart of Campania – a region blessed with ideal cultivation conditions – the sun-ripened fruits can be harvested at the optimal degree of maturity and processed directly, without long transportation routes. From the tree directly to the factory. The recently installed facility for concentrates guarantees gentle processing; the product’s aromas and vitamins are thus better retained. The new purée machines ensure creamy, good-tasting fruit pulp; the degree of pulping can be adjusted to customer requirements. But the range of fruits is being expanded not only by pomegranates: Starting in 2019, the line of products will include prickly pears, mandarins, and watermelons. Regional, healthy, and wholesome.

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